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Additional products & services.

Being comfortable in your home is as important to you as it is to us. It’s all about your “whole-house” comfort and convenience, which goes beyond heating and cooling. Additional home service products are also available to help you achieve the maximum comfort level in your home such as water filtration, indoor air quality systems and automated HVAC filter replacement programs. These products and services will help you breathe fresher, cleaner air inside your home and enjoy refreshing, crystal-clear water right from your tap. Using Filter Frank, you’ll never need to worry about replacing your HVAC system filters ever again.

Home comfort products and services

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Water filtration systems.

The current water treatment technology and government agencies cannot keep up with the growing list of organic and chemical contaminants in our water. The problem is so bad that, in May of 2010, something BIG happened. Something that’s NEVER happened before. The US Government issued the President’s Cancer Panel report.

They finally spilled the beans to the American public in this shocking report about the water problem after decades of case studies, independent tests & Medical journal reports. They finally admitted the chlorine, contaminants, carcinogens and pollutants in our water supply are causing cancer. And most importantly, they are telling all Americans to install a water filtration system in their home to reduce their risk of cancer!

But here’s the problem: most homeowners have no idea this safety warning has been issued even though this has been a problem for decades and it’s only getting worse! Could it be time that Americans stop taking their water quality for granted? If you have concerns about the quality of your water, call us for a free home water analysis.

A few of the water filtration systems we offer. Call us today for a free home water analysis!

Indoor air quality.

If you care about your family’s health, you should care about the quality of the air inside your home. Allergies, illness, and long-term health can all be affected either in a positive or negative fashion depending on the quality of the air inside your home. According to the Environmental Protection Agency the air inside your home can be 2 to 10 times worse than the outside air. It is difficult for our immune system to keep up with the abundance of particles, germs and gases that are locked inside the tight, energy-efficient homes that are built with today’s construction methods.

Think about this: You know how when you see the sun’s rays streaming through a window and you can see all of the dust floating around in the sunbeam? There are millions of microscopic particles that float around in the air all the time. And those in the sunbeam are the ones that are actually big enough to see. Ninety eight percent of all airborne particles measure below 1 micron in size and are invisible.

So imagine breathing all of those in. Your body’s lungs are like a filter. They will filter out the larger particles, yet these smallest of particles that are potentially the most injurious to your health pass right through. SolaceAir “protects your air space” by clearing the air inside your home of harmful particles, biohazards such as viruses, and gases from chemicals.

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A few of the indoor air quality (IAQ) systems we offer. Call us today for a free in-home consultation!

Particles IAQ Package

Polarized-Media Air Cleaners remove even the smallest submicron particles that are otherwise absorbed into our lungs and bloodstreams to trigger asthma attacks and allergy symptoms. Also effective with odors and gases.

Germs IAQ Package

A high output UVC Lamp in combination with a Polarized-Media Air Cleaner prevents the spread of flu and colds by breaking down viruses, germs and other airborne pathogens expelled into the air from coughs and sneezes.

Gases IAQ Package

A dual wavelength, high output UVC/UVV System in combination with a Polarized-Media Air Cleaner also controls organic gases and toxic compounds that can cause odorsand ailments such as headaches and dizziness.

InteliFan “intelligent” high efficiency system optimization.

FACT #1: A gas furnace and/or air conditioner wastes a substantial amount of energy since it doesn’t use all of the available heat or cooling left in the system after the thermostat reaches your desired temperature setting.

FACT #2: Optimizing fan run time after the system has turned off will increase your systems total annual efficiency an average of 15-17%.

FACT #3: The Intelifan uses the FREE energy left on the furnace heat exchanger or cooling coil after the thermostat reaches its set temperature and turns the system off. 80% of the energy used is by the system and only 20% is by the fans use! After its normal fan delay the system components are still hot or cold and the InteliFan then intelligently runs the fan the optimum amount of time required to use all this remaining free heat or cooling and put it in the house where it belongs.

Click on the video below to see how easily you can increase your system’s efficiency and save money too!

High efficiency Energy Star indoor fans.

Energy Star ceiling fans provide a way to cool a space with a fraction of the standard energy usage. These fans are 20% more efficient than standard ceiling fans, allowing you to raise the temperature of a room as much as 10 degrees. Cut energy costs with indoor ceiling fans and outdoor ceiling fans. We also have low profile ceiling fans that are perfect for low ceilings.

ENERGY STAR ceiling fans are available for indoor and outdoor rooms in your home. Outdoor energy efficient ceiling fans bring comfort and efficiency to your home’s patio or porch. For the most efficient use of an ENERGY STAR fan, the fan should be set to rotate air downward into the room to create a breeze in the summer. In the winter, the fan should be set to rotate in reverse, or in a clockwise direction, to draw cool air up and replaced it with warm air near the ceiling. Look for a switch near the motor above the blades or use the forward and reverse button on the remote control provided.

Call us today to learn more about all your heating and cooling needs and how you can reduce your energy use with our selection of ENERGY STAR fans and air circulation systems.

Filter Frank ship-to-home automated HVAC system filter replacement.

Did you know that dirt is the number one cause of breakdowns in air conditioning and heating systems? The first line of defense against dirt is the air filter. It’s designed to trap dirt, dust, hair, pet dander, pollen, fungal spores, and more.

However, filters quickly get clogged with all these contaminants impeding their ability to filter the air. A dirty filter also restricts air flow, “choking” your system and making it work harder. This puts stress on its components, increases the probability of a breakdown, and skyrockets your utility bills.

Not to mention, the air you and your family breathes is no longer being properly filtered, causing potential health problems. In fact, a study done by the EPA found indoor air quality up to five times as polluted as outdoor air.

Protect your family… protect your HVAC system. Use my Friendly Filter Delivery service. You’ll receive professional grade filters delivered straight to your door, as well as reminders for when to replace and when to re-order. Call us today to learn more!