Save even more with no trip charges
and no diagnostic fees.

No trip charges.
No diagnostic fees.

Just about every HVAC service company will charge you, “upfront”, to come to your home and diagnose your system. That means you pay just to get a technician to come to your home. We don’t charge you — and we never will.

Pricefixer has taken the mystery out of repair and rebuild costs by offering you actual, true transparency. That means Fixed Rate PricingTM for every maintenance, repair and rebuild, and instant quotes online or over the phone for new systems.

While most of the other guys will nickel and dime you from the time you call to the time you get your system repaired, we never will. You’ll get complete and total true transparency prices from the moment you call, or when you visit us here online. Never a mystery price, “upfront” pricing games, or unexpected high repair or rebuild cost.

You’ll also save more because you’ll never pay commissions — or be unpleasantly surprised with an overpriced and confusing bundled invoice. It’s the most transparent pricing you’ll ever find for HVAC maintenance, repairs, rebuilds and new systems. It’s a better way to service and repair HVAC, and it’s only available at Pricefixer.

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No trip charge means we’ll come to your home at no cost to you. You’ll also never pay a diagnostic fee just to find out what’s wrong with your system.

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